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en ~ fr Looking for a Six-Month Software Engineer Graduate Internship (February - July 2019)

Hi! I'm Guillaume.

I'll graduate from the University of Technology of Compiegne1 next year with a Master in Computer Science and Engineering degree. I'm currently doing an exchange semester at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I consider myself as a fast-learner, creative, sharp-eyed and self-challenging person, passionate about new technologies making the world a better place.

I am currently looking for a six-month internship as a Software Engineer and I would be pleased to hone my skills in related fields such as Natural Language Processing and Data Mining.

Below are some exciting projects or experiments I have done and inspirations I would like to share with you.

Please feel free to contact me, check out my GitHub, my resume and have a nice day! :)

Facebook Graph API

graph-api ~ Clic here to expand ~

I've developed a lot of fun and innovative experiments on Facebook, directly interacting with people.

FacebookPersonal projectGraph APIPHPExperiments

Driving School website

autoecole ~ Clic here to expand ~

A fake driving school website fully coded from scratch for academic purpose. Page names were imposed.

Academic projectHTML/CSSPHPMySQLGoogle Charts

Projects Throwback

projects-throwback ~ Clic here to expand ~

Let me share with you cool and funny things I've built since college, from my first "Hello World!" to now.

Personal projectStudent projectInternshipCodingExperiments

The Nature of Code

thenatureofcode ~ Clic here to expand ~

Simulate nature. A beautiful challenge took by Daniel Shiffman through this book, using coding as a mean of artistic expression.

BookInspirationArtp5.jsDaniel ShiffmanJavascript

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Thank you very much for your interest. Do not hesitate to contact me if you want any further information. 🙂

Come back soon!


I'm still working on cool stuff I'll share with you in the coming weeks. Stay tunned! 😜

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Projects Throwback

I've always been excited about building stuff. When I was a kid, I wanted to be an inventor. I couldn't stop imagining new ideas, each crazier than the last. Really! Last time I went to my boyhood room, I found a far-out sketch of a flying paperball. When I came to college and my grandpa gave me an old laptop, it was a revelation to me. I was finally able to build anything from my room and possibilities were endless.

Middle School

  • RecitaQuizz: That's a small and really simple Flash app I'd conceived and actually put online. It allows you to create a quizz of 10 questions, save the answers, be asked those questions and then compare with the answers. It was not possible to share a quizz you created, though.
  • Poeme: I had to rote learn a poeme when I got the idea to build this PHP web app. It allows you to save a poeme, and recite it "the hard way": you have to write each line, one after another, exactly as it is spelled. If it's wrong, you'll go back two lines before! Thanksfully, a Zelda sample motivates you every time you're right, and at the end you're rewarded with a Mario song. Tested and approved, but definitely not the faster way to learn!
  • iBrevet: My first C console application, which basically asks for your grades to tell you how many points you'll need to pass the "Brevet" (French national diploma) or to be awarded a "mention" (honors, high honors...). It's really simple but it was actually useful at the time, since all grades from college were accounted in a complex way.
  • Other: At the time, I was also maintening a blog which doesn't exist anymore. Nothing really interesting, except that there was an "HTML" button in the post editor, which I used a lot to experiment funny things with CSS and HTML.

High School

  • Facebook: I've developped a lot of things on Facebook, mostly in PHP – a homeworks remainder bot, a hashtags analyzer for facebook pages (can be used to automatically organizes photo contests for example)... I talked a little about it in this article. Also, I created a facebook page for teenagers on which I developped a few apps, it reached more than 40k fans. More than 20k people were trapped by my "Trap your friends quizz" (results were sent to the trapper by email) and I also had a "top status" app (people could submit their status and vote for submitted ones) as well as a "top facebook pages" app and a music app allowing people to discover new music and download it from other websites.
  • Lyc0chan: This is simple PHP mobile web application I created. Basically that's a local (for high schools) and anonymous chat in which text and images can be shared. To join the chat, a code is needed but it only gives a 48h access. Anybody who has access can get a code to invite someone else. Here is a demo video I did at the time (in French). Unfortunately, Snapchat stole my idea and made it better!
  • Kepler vs Newton: For a project in high school, I developed a software in Python (using Pygame) simulating the movement of a planet around the sun, based on Newton's laws. The goal was to make sure that Kepler's law was verified, and it was possible to push a button to start filling the area between the planet and the sun for a certain amount of time, display the value of the area and do it again at anytime to be able to compare. It was also possible to translate the view, zoom in change the gravity... My teachers were really impressed!
  • Prologin: I participated to a national programming contest and proceeded to the semi-finals in Paris. There was still a lot of participants at this stage, still I was really proud because I didn't know much about algorithms at the time.


  • TEDxUTCompiegne: During one semester, I've planned a TEDx conference with a team and I was the one maintening the event's website, a PHP Wordpress website (at the time I write this, I'm actually still listed at the very bottom of this page).
  • Orientation: At my home university, there are two welcoming weeks with many activities and challenges. I created the fall 2015 orientation's website, based on a Wordpress template on top of which I developed an innovative FAQ (any word could be entered, leading to a comment feed and useful info), a picture filter tool as well as an interface allowing to give points to teams (along with a real-time updated and mobile friendly leaderboard).
  • Driving School: This is a PHP website for a fictious driving school I've developed from scratch without any framework for a university project. You can read this article if you want to know more about it, or simply look at it.
  • Pinter Website: A profesional and responsive WordPress website I developed for a disabled pintor so that he can share his work with the world. A professor was impressed with my "Driving School" project and told this pintor about me.
  • Cactus: With another student, for a course project, I've developed a expert system in Common Lisp that helps you to decide what's the perfect programming language, technology or framework for your needs.
  • Real-time Pool: For a presentation, I've developed a really simple web app in PHP allowing the audience to answer to a quizz from their phone. The interface was mobile friendly (big colored buttons) and updated in real-time (they could see when a question was opened/closed, when they had already answered...). Another desktop web app I created allowed me to display results charts (in real-time as well).
  • Pokemon: For a database design course project, I've designed a complex database along with a simple PHP control interface to manage pokemons, their skills and fights, with a team of other student.
  • Note App: For a object-oriented programming course project, I developed with two other students a note taking app in C++ using Qt.
  • Processing: This is a cool javascript library I've had a lot of fun with. I talk a little about it in this article, but you may want to check out some videos of things I've done on my Twitter.
  • Face Detection: For a course project, I've implemented with another student a face detector, comparing different methods and finally using a SVM classifier and a sliding window. It's on GitHub!
  • CS Council: When I was a CS student representative, I implemented a Django web app allowing to position CS courses from my home university with respect to established curricula. It really helped to understand what could be improved in the current offered education.
  • UVector: With a two other students, I developed a NodeJS/Neo4J web application to visualize on a graph courses taken by students given to their major and semester.
  • GeoScam: This is a NodeJS/MongoDB application I'm currently working on. It basically gather scammer emails, contact them, locate them and display their location accross the world on a map.
  • TravelTracker: For a user interface design course, I'm currently working with a team of 5 students an app to keep track of your travels, where you've been in the world and where you wish to go.

That's it for this big overview, I hope it was not too boring. I'll elaborate on my internship experiences in a future article, stay tuned!

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